Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Start of My Journey

Before you read too far in my blog you are probably wondering how I got to this point or maybe you aren’t. Either way I am going to tell my story. I married a wonderful man in June of 2007. After we married the world handed us some outside challenges. Our marriage was great but our circumstances were stressful. During that time I began to struggle with depression and anxiety. To cope with those emotions I ate. I ate sugar, pizza, anything I could get my hands on. My doctor also put me on a depression medication to help me cope better with these emotions. Between my eating habits and my medication, I gained 50 pounds in about a year. Once I reached the point of my 50 pound gain I knew I had to get healthy and get the weight off. I began cutting calories and trying all sorts of crash diets. That, of course, did not work and I put on another 20 pounds. In the summer of 2011, I became pregnant with my son. I had a fairly easy pregnancy but a very difficult delivery. The only issue that I had was sugar was an aversion for me. It made me sick. This was fine for me. It helped me keep my eating in check. I gained 35 pounds, which isn’t to bad. After I had my son, I lost about 25 pounds without any problem. the last 10 pounds were extremely difficult for me to lose while breastfeeding. I did not have the normal success most women have where they breastfeed and the weight just comes off. In December 2012, I started doing some research on why I continued having chronic sinus infections, stuffiness and allergies. I found that I might have a sugar allergy or intolerance. I began researching nutrition and trying to decide what the best path was for me to take on my journey to health. I had to get better, healthier. My weight impacted every aspect of my life, my self esteem, my marriage...I mean everything. I decided to go for clean eating. I did some more research and found out how many foods are synthetic and chemical. YUCK!!!! I tried clean eating for a while but it wasn’t completely for me. Then, I stumbled across a documentary called Hungry for Change and the blog www.100daysofrealfood.com. As I started searching I found another great blog that inspired me, www.mamanatural.com. These two blogs helped me to see that eating real foods is for me. I still like dairy and sprouted wheats. I have been eating real foods off and on for about a year now with just a few MAJOR vices. I have lost 59 pounds since I had my son and 30 pounds over the last year. I have about 30 more pounds until I am in a healthy weight range. Once I hit that place, I will re-evaluate. I am working on my two major vices of bread/wheat and sugar. Follow my blog and you can follow my Confessions of a Sugar Addict coming in the next week.

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